3 Best Seo Plugin for WordPress That You Should Use

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is the most vital part of any website or blog. It enables a website to perform well in search results. We have tested numerous plugins and find the best SEO plugin for WordPress which help site owner and bloggers to optimize their content on their site and make it search friendly. They teach the user how to optimize their content to rank higher in SERPS. They enable the user to improve organic traffic and improve its ranking in search engines like Goggle, Yahoo, Bing and more. The best seo plugin for WordPress should be able to allow the user to replace the Tittle for SEO. It should also allow the user to add Meta Description and Meta Keyword. It should also be able to create an XML sitemap. The official WordPress SEO Plugin directory contains many plugins. These vary from each other in terms of functionalities. Below are top 3 best seo plugin for WordPress.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

best seo plugin for wordpress
Yoast comes in top in list of best seo plugin for WordPress. This is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. It offers a comprehensive solution to all on-site SEO needs. It allows the user to add SEO Tittle, Meta Description and Meta Keywords to each post and page on the website. It also allows the user to write custom tittle for their main site, category, archives and tag pages. The user is able to obtain Open Graph Meta data, Twitter Cards and Sitemaps whenever the site is updated. It analyses inbound and outbound links while rating the website content. It features the Flesch Reading Easy scale which checks the readability of the content. It prevents duplicate content using rel=canonical tags. It also prevents scrappers by verifying Google authorship and optimizing RSS feed.


Pressor is a perfect alternative to Yoast SEO that provides users with a powerful and more advanced SEO tool. It can manage user’s website by taking care of the pages, posts and format of custom posts. This is one of the best SEO plugins for use in obtaining higher rankings. It features an intrinsic keyword search tool that allows the user to drag and drop the keywords in the content. The user can obtain SEO statistics related to their content using a very efficient algorithm that keeps track of the page and posts. The user can obtain the effectiveness of the content rated on the basis of 100 points. It also features WordPress tags SEO, Facebook open-graphs and Twitter Metadata tags.

All In One SEO Pack

This is also one of the popular WordPress plugins. It is available in both free and pro versions. All In One SEO Pack optimizes user’s site Tittle, Keywords, Descriptions, Meta No-follow and Meta No-index for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It features a tab in the admin tab for changing some settings. It also prevents duplicate content. The ability to automatically to generate Tittles and Meta tags saves a lot of time and effort. It supports XML Sitemap by allowing the user to submit their sitemap to Google and Bing to improve SEO. This pack also supports Google Analytics and Advanced Canonical URLS. It is also compatible with many other plugins.

These are the best seo plugin for WordPress whichhelp both multimedia and blog posts to rank higher by telling the user what to do in order to make them more SEO friendly. They employ different advanced functionalities to optimize content, make the site search friendly and improve SEO rankings.