How to choose Offshore hosting

How to choose offshore hosting provider

One of the most important things to consider when starting your online presence is which web hosting provider will you choose. There are literally hundreds if not even thousands of providers today in this never ending competition. Ultimately the final decision should be your but I will give you some “steps” that you should follow when deciding.

What do you need host for?

One of the most important things to consider is for what do you need your hosting exactly? Will it be one page personal blog? Professional looking company page? Community forum with hundreds of users? Or something else? It’s really wise to think about your needs because that will probably save you money and time because why would you need unlimited web hosting with 10 domain  if you are planing to make your own portfolio webpage or your personal blog?

Space + bandwidth

If you are planning to run online community than you will probably need to think about hundreds of users generating traffic (bandwidth) and hundreds of pictures, posts, videos hosted on your website. This probably mean that you need some hosting with big bandwidth and space on server. This step is most important in lowering on increasing your price

Security level

It’s not same security needs if you are running professional company website with integrated(CRM or HR system) where do you need maximum security level to prevent hijacking of vital information or crushing your website so that your clients can’t use it. This problem really cost much money if it’s corporate page. Don’t get me wrong. Security is also matter when you are running blog or personal webpage but it’s incomparable to website with workers details, credit cards numbers, personal details and company data.


Will your website have only few articles monthly or will you have some eCommerce orders processed through your website. In that other case you really need 24/7 backup system that can restore everything in shortest possible time. If it’s only personal thoughts and few articles you probably will be satisfied with free backup system that can save you money and time.

Live support ( live support)

Another big thing to think when choosing hosting provider is to check their support? Are they efficient and professional. Who would need host if your support average time is 5 days? You need to wait 5 days to get respond to simple question? Always check for their support and even test them by using their tickets or live chat system. It’s really important to have them available to your around the time.