4 Major Tips for WordPress Optimization

How to do basic WordPress optimization

If your WordPress website is taking too long to load, then you should consider optimizing your server and site as well. Below are the major tips which should you follow for WordPress optimization
WordPress optimization

Choose best host

Make sure that your hosting is running fast and secure servers because if your website is hosted on some bad HDD with slow connection speed it will take years to load your page no matter how much you optimize it. Always check their speed  before your choose your host.


Choose optimized theme

Always make sure to choose some good looking optimized theme that is already optimized for websites mobile phones etc. Strongly avoid all kind of themes that use dozens of images into it, because that will slow your website for sure. Same thing is with code if there is unnecessary codes it will increase total website weight and could possibly cause some delays by interfering with some other plugins or things you used.

Avoid massing unnecessary plugins

I kindly suggest you to only install plugins that you really need. Massing large amount of plugins that you won’t use will drastically increase your website loading time. Also when installing new plugins always observe their cpu usage (you can do that by using different plugins just google for them). Plugins are biggest reason for your website slow loading speed.

Delete unnecessary things

All images that you are not using anymore but they are still hosted on your server is taking resources. Make sure to delete all kind of images, post, comments etc that you don’t need anymore.