Why is it important to make your website mobile friendly

Almost everyone understand that smartphone and tablets change the way how are we looking on different things. Almost the same thing happened to websites. More and more users are now surfing over internet using smartphones or tablets. Mobile friendless has large impact on SEO optimization because sites that are not responsive will get naturally lower rating on google than sites with responsiveness. Each month and year there are bigger and bigger smartphones. By some latest research over 70% people have habit to access website via smartphone. You really don’t want to miss them on your website because they can’t see it like they should. Bellow I will tell you few main advantages on responsive design.



Before responsive building of website become normal trend web designers had to build 2 separate website one for mobile users and one for pc users. As you can figure out it’s cheaper to build 1 single unique website for both type then building 1 for each type.

User experience

Every web master should be aimed at providing best user experience for visitors on his site. Imagine a problem that you are in your bad late at night and you want to read latest news on your website that’s not been optimized for your smartphone that you are using. You must scroll indefinitely struggle to find what you want and after all you will probably quit using that website. You would probably like to access website that is mobile friendly so you can read all content without more scrolling that needed, without problem with navigation or your site width just relax and read. UE is most important thing generally when you are building professional website.

Easy administration

If you have 2 website for your company separated (mobile + non mobile version) you will definitely need to manage separate SEO campaign for both websites and that would be really hard because you would spent hours figuring which keywords to use for mobile website and which for non-mobile and after all those 2 sites could “seo kill each other”


When google say that you need responsive site trust me you need it! Google is already using algorithm to rank better responsive websites because it’s all about content and responsive content is easier to share follow and show to users. So if you want to have nice seo and google ranking your website must be responsive.


In our next article we will show you how to create a mobile friendly website easily and quickly