3 SEO mistakes that you must avoid on wordpress

Everyone knows that SEO is one of the most important things to do when you want to have nice rank on google and obtain more visitors from it. But there are some things that you must avoid because it will have big impact on negative seo rating.

Countless plugins on your website

Avoid to install more plugins than you actually need because many plugins create new links because many plugins have links that lead to something like their authors etc. That’s okay that people need to have some kind of thank but if you have 100 plugins and 100 links your website will appear on zilion places over google and google will react. It will decrease your rating drasticly

Not sending your sitemap to google

Sitemap is like a book consisting of pages from your website that you must submit to google if you want them to index you because it will tell google which pages you have on your website . If you don’t submit sitemap to google you will probably have big problem to be listed on google search. Luckily for WordPress there are plugins that do that for you :




Not telling google about canonical address

For most users www.website.com and website.com look identical but for google that’s not the case so you must tell google which is the main canonical address that you will use and you can do that by by using Google webmaster tools . When you submit your canonical address be sure that address that you submit is an actual canonical address that you setup in your admin panel on your site or you can use plugin that i mentioned in upper step https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/