Is Dedicated Hosting good or bad for SEO?

dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

This is a form of internet hosting in which the client decides to lease the entire server for which no one else has shared. This process is more flexible compared to shared hosting. It is because organizations can fully control all the servers, including the choice of hardware and operating system, among others. Dedicated hosting is also called managed hosting service or dedicated server.

Another level of dedicated hosting is complex managed hosting. It refers to physical dedicated servers, virtual servers and Hybrid servers. Many companies prefer Hybrid Server which is a combination of both virtual server and physical server. There are several similarities that exist between complex and standard managed hosting, though the most important difference between the two is their administration levels and the engineering support paid by the customers due increment in both complexity and size of deploying the infrastructure. Provider steps takes over several parts of management such as memory, security, storage and IT support. Dedicated hosting service is naturally proactive. The hosting company is the one that provides server administration. In other cases, dedicated server offers lesser overhead and a large return on investment. These servers are mostly housed in the data centers. These centers are similar as collocation facilities that provide redundant sources of power and the HVAC systems. Contrary to this, the hardware of the server is under ownership of the provider while in other cases, they support operating applications and systems.

Success in modern online businesses require that owners should understand the importance strategies utilized to maximize its benefits. For business success, considerate decision-making is vital. To achieve this, the owners need to look at things in different perspectives, e.g. think of how enhancement of your own business is likely to affect other’s businesses.

In this case, making a decision based on web hosting, and most particularly dedicated hosting can be a bright idea in achieving business goals. This is because they will fully control their business and not share their resources with others, but how does this affect online business as a whole?

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of business presence. So the question comes; Is dedicated hosting good for SEO? And to which extent? Obviously it is.

Use of dedicated hosting service in enhancing SEO comes with immense benefits key among them being guaranteed security, high performance standards, email stability among many other services. The following are benefits of Hosting services in enhancing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Most customers are often get impatient quickly. They cannot spend a long time waiting for the loading websites. When customers search for a particular item or information about a certain product. Website that loads for too long will be abandoned and customers move on to the website with similar products and services. This becomes an automatic loss to the abandoned website. For the prospective customers therefore, speed is a paramount factor. The best solution to this delay problem may be having to yourself the entire server and all the resources which it provides. This is easily made possible by enhanced dedicated hosting services.


Ability of the search engine to perform effectively largely depends on the traffic that encounters your website. This in turn determines ROI. Dedicated servers on the other side have the ability to deal with a large amount of traffic. It does so more effectively than what the shared hosting can do. It is therefore deliberate that dedicated hosting is more advantageous in terms of countering web traffic and thus very good for Search Engine Optimization.


Dedicated hosting maintains all information and keeps every detail as confidential and as private as possible. In the case of shared hosting, though it might be less expensive and more affordable, any time something bad happens to the server or the server gets associated with a bad reputation, all other websites become aware of whatever is happening on the server. It may be that the server is blocked or that it is blacklisted. This affects other or all websites on the website. Using dedicated hosting is therefore good for SEO since it conceals all its information to the server.

A Dedicated IP

It is automatic that hosting on a dedicated server will automatically make you dedicated. On the other hand, shared hosting does not. Even servers who are shared have realized this advantage and opted for dedicated hosting to substitute their current shared status. This is a proof enough that shared hosting carries more weight in maximizing the SEOs.

Server Security

Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) will still continue to recognize websites being on the shared server even if the dedicated IP is installed on them. This will lead to necessary penalization. The only and the best way of preventing a website being let down by ill-intentioned neighbors is by hosting it on a dedicated server.


To sum up the controversy between whether dedicated hosting is beneficial or not, the above given benefits of a dedicated server among others can enable you to clearly point out what is better than the other. Having known all these facts, it is important to analyze some of the ways in which engine search can be improved, because at the end of the day, all that is desired is to see an efficient SEO. The best way of enhancing Search Engine Optimization is simply by creating a good website. Then the website and more others will be hosted together using a dedicated server. By doing so, all the functions of SEO will be easily achievable.

Some of the ways of creating a good website include; providing good content that captivates readers to read on, organizing the website clearly and properly so that the form in which information is relayed to the readers is appealing. This can be done through application of meta-data and thirdly, by offering a wide variety of content ranging from well structured words and lines, to a more sophisticated way of displaying graphics, videos and other visual content.

All these will facilitate the goal of SEO and immensely help the dedicated hosting services to improve the SEO, for SEO is the focus in this case.