Design Tips For Improving Web Conversion Rates

Professional websites play a key role in online business success. Many people fall short when it comes to designing a presentable website. A well-designed website should be able to convert traffic into phone calls, e-mails, questions and eventually sales. Conversion rates of a website depend on user experience. It is characterized by ease of use and functionality of your site. Web design is more than just colors and font. It’s more of text placement, pages, side bars and more.

Make Your Site Responsive

Consider running your website on a flexible and user-friendly Word Press platform. Choose a simple, professional and responsive theme. This allows mobile users to view your website more easily. Most people visit the web using their mobile phones. The main reason being their portability and convenience. A responsive design allows your website to adapt to any type of screen from desktops to smartphones. Make a responsive template and boost your sales.

Minimize Errors

Design errors have a great impact on the sites user experience. Things like broken images and links are very frustrating to customers. Use a Word Press plugin to fix all broken links and images. It’s advisable to suggest a specific link when visitors reach a dead page. All 404 Redirect is a great Word Press plugin for redirecting visitors to another page on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO allows you to improve visibility, rankings and attract more traffic. Focusing on optimization translates to higher conversion rates compared to bounce rates. Concentrate on one topic, product or service. Quality attracts customers and search engines alike. Make sure you include relevant content. Add relevant keywords to maximize on traffic. Avoid cheesy content like complex graphs since they make it difficult for visitors and search engine to navigate your site.

Simplify Processes

Eliminating hard processes like lengthy registrations attracts more traffic which leads to sales. Make sure the checkout or buying process is simple. The same applies to information regarding your product and service. Content in your website should be in short form. Information on your site should be easy to find. Include a search feature within your page to allow them access what they want. This is much easier and faster. Make sure to optimize your site navigation menu. Add sitemaps and tweak your site to improve loading time.

Improve Confidence

Improve trust and confidence by employing things like customer reviews. People want to know about other people’s experience before buying a product. Therefore, consider a review section while designing your site. Include a section with real images of people and their testimonials. Try to include endorsement sections where other companies recommend your site. Add trust badges alike Symantec and Norton.


Improving web conversion rates is all about prioritizing on user experience. Make your site responsive, include relevant information to earn new visitors and attract new ones. Make the processes are shorter and include elements of trustworthy. Eliminate errors by making use of plugins to avoid annoying site visitors. Adapting a culture of optimization attracts search engines and more customers which leads to sales.

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