How Email marketing helps your business


The real buzz in your business will start with Email Marketing. It is said that marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. More than 34% people in the world use email, so email marketing is the best possible way to reach as many people as possible. Email marketing can be efficiently carried out via email hosting.

What is email marketing and its importance?

Email connects you to people and people will give you business. The concept of bulk marketing is that it helps you to try and reach as many people as possible in the world. In short, your products/services/offers.etc will be marketed in the form of an attractive email which will ultimately boost up your business.

The importance of email marketing is that it keeps your clients updated with your services and products. According to a survey, 42% of businesses say that email is one of the most effective lead generation media. Email hosting plays a vital role here. Email hosting refers to the service which operates the email servers. It is reliable and is being used worldwide.

More customized services include personal email hosting which refers to your personal email account and offshore email hosting which is used generally used for private sectors like military.

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How to grow your email list?

Email list is the most important thing when it comes to email marketing. So how do you grow your email list? This can be done by three ways:

  • Online: You can simply add-up a sign up form or subscribe feature in your website. People will use it and will add their email ids.
  • In-store: In-store method has proved highly effective. You must have come across in-store sign-up forms on retail counters which ask for personal details like name, address, gender, email id.etc.
  • Events: Using a sign-up form or e-form in tablet is a very good option during events. Attendees will input their basic details like name, email address.etc.

Email campaign:

Email campaigning in simple words is the art of sending a highly crafted/modified/attractive email to all those who have signed up to your services. So how should it be done?

  • Sending effective email campaign: Good communication is the basic need of any marketing strategy. You need to be interactive, while sending a new campaign you must always greet your customers in a friendly but respectful tone.
  • Optimizing the email experience: A responsive email design is a must. People are rather using mobile more as compared to desktop. So a proper responsive design is the primary requirement.
  • Email campaign frequency: You should definitely know when to campaign and when not! Sending emails at a longer period of time interval will out date you and sending frequent emails may irritate your clients. So the email campaign frequency should be adjusted accordingly and as per your clientele.

Use of software’s:

It is very much obvious that a tool/software/machine can do miracles as they used top-notch technology and provide you with new/in trend features.

If you have a small business or a small requirement for email marketing, then you should generally opt for mailing providers like mail chimp. If you have bigger requirements, then you need an offshore dedicated server.

There are different types of marketing tools already available in the market like PowerMTA, Interspire, Send blaster.etc. These tools are efficient and are already being used worldwide.


Email marketing is a necessity for business expansion and what you need to decide is how to propagate it. Either by using email provider like mail chimp or by having your own offshore dedicated server for reliable email marketing.