Latest Web design trends in second half of 2015

This year created some new trends that are still going on and will probably go on for the rest of this year.

Web design trends

Simple websites

Websites were never simpler than today. There are less and less things and “widgets” on all kind of various websites putting main and reader oriented content on the first place. This is awesome trend to apply on your website because it will save you and your visitors time to find what they want and will also have a big impact on returning visitors because they won’t be bored by 20 widgets that are jumping across your page

Single page websites

You couldn’t notice expanding of single pages website around the internet. That’s become something ordinary. People are building one page website with almost infinite scrolling where everything is listed on single page except maybe things like forms, download sections etc. This is really nice trend because it’s being followed by easy navigation menu bar that will scroll you down on website part that you want to read

Unique content and images

Internet is a big place and it’s really hard to find some pictures that weren’t used in dozens of websites. Most big websites are now trying to upload their original images instead of using existing. Still most of pictures are from stocks because it’s not practical to create original image for everything. As for content almost all content posted on website go through tools like copyscape to avoid a smallest possibility to plagiarizes.

Hidden menus

Hidden menu is another great feature that’s I’m happy to see it’s expanding. It allow your visitor to click on menu to expand it and show sub navigation menus. It’s awesome to prevent distraction for reader and to save valuable space when your visitor is coming from mobile devices with small screen.

Typography used to attract visitors

Websites are now using bigger and “stronger” fonts in some articles where you want to attract your visitor or to get his attention to some special notes. This trend have biggest expanding from trend stated above and will stay here for at least few years. So what are you waiting? Check out our Web design trends above and make sure to stay in time with latest trends in web design