Top 5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Language is a critical site management factor which can keep potential visitors away. Translation is as important as all other site management practices. This is because people speak different languages worldwide. English is the dominant language in the web but this forms a small percentage in the lingual world. Also, new language markets are emerging online. There is a wide range of WordPress plugins that allow users to create and handle multilingual content. There is also another category of plugins that use online translation services to translate content. Reports indicate that customers prefer getting product or service information in their language irregardless of the price. These don’t require you to write content in multiple languages. However, the multilingual ones provide quality translations. Below are some of the best WordPress translation plugins.
WordPress Translation Plugins

Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation plugin operates by tapping into a cloud-based translation network. Here, users are provided with the option of sourcing translations using machine powered solutions, crowd solutions or by hiring professional translators. It provides access to over 5000 certified linguistics. This plugins employs percentage bars to show the status of pages and document in progress. This plugin allows you to choose your translation method and queue the finished work for publishing. There is also a professional text editor that allows users to handle translations by themselves. Machine translations are provided for free up to 100,000 characters.

Google Language Translator

This plugin is built upon the Google Translate service. It comes with an easy setup thus providing a simple lingual solution. It only requires the user to download, install and perform a simple configuration. It provides more than 80 languages through Google Translate. This translation plugin also enables both specific and all language translations. The translation tool can be inserted anywhere using a short code.


WPML is one of the most popular premium plugins for turning a site multilingual. The default version comes with more than 40 languages. It allows the user to add language variants like local dialects using the language editor. It comes with three pricing plans namely Multiligual Blog, Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Lifetime. The first two come with unlimited updates, support and reduced renewal fees. This translation plugin is compatible with a number of themes and plugins.


This is a free and powerful WordPress Translation multilingual plugin. It offers one of the easiest way of creating multilingual content. Users are allowed to switch languages while editing posts. They can simultaneously work on content in different languages. It provides a good number of third-party add-ons. Most of these add-ons are provided for free. These allow users to integrate qTranslateX plugin with other plugins and platforms.


Polylang is a free and all-in-one solution for setting up and managing multilingual word press sites. This plugin allows the user to create content and define its language manually. Users can use as many languages as they want. Polylang supports custom post types, sticky posts, custom taxonomies and RSS feeds. It uses sub-domains per language while allowing language switching via widget or menu. This plugin can be combined with other translation plugins to come up with the right words. It also provides tools for migrating from dominant translation plugins.


Enabling more than one language in a website enhances audience reach and improves foreign market coverage. There are many plugins in the market that use different translation techniques. Automatic machine translation and manual translation are the best techniques. These offer a reliable and quick solution. Some of these plugins are provided for free while others come with subscriptions. The above mentioned plugins are some of the best translation plugins to use on a WordPress site.