Main Reasons for Choosing Dedicated Server Over Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting
A dedicated server is a physical server rented or purchased entirely for business needs. It is a great solution to large businesses since it provides more security and can relied upon around the clock. Businesses would require to set up an IT infrastructure and organize maintenance expertise. Cloud servers are those whose physical hardware resides on a shared environment managed by a cloud hosting provider. It is used by businesses which need only to optimize IT performance. They are suitable for small and mid-sized businesses with variable demands and workloads. There are many reasons why dedicated servers are better than cloud hosting. These include transparency, improved performance, reduced redundancy, affordability and high security.


Unlike cloud hosting, users don’t share server resources with others. Some users in cloud hosting may have badly written or over used scripts which slow down the server. With dedicated server, there are no external impediments thus guaranteeing high performance in terms of speed. Users can easily isolate their sites from others which they have no control over. A dedicated server allows users to optimize the server to suit their needs thus promoting traffic.


This is a very important aspect when it comes to debugging performance issues. Dedicated servers allows users to peer in and check for bottlenecks. This is key to solving performance and reliability issues. Cloud servers hide hardware and network problems. Shared servers harbor many performance problems which remain obscure. Cloud servers use software to fence incompetent users. On the other hand, dedicated servers allow users to check hardware problems related to disk, CPU, RAM and network. This allows one to focus on diagnosing the right problems.


A dedicated server allows users to install or compile any software; a feature which is not supported by cloud hosting. It provides more flexibility and choices in terms of what to add and remove. Many shared or cloud servers especially those with few resources, limit what one can use. With dedicated servers, users are able to exploit latest software and technology.


Dedicated servers allow owners to fully manage security like passwords and firewalls. This helps in securing data against internet attacks since hacking is a common practice in the internet today. Breached firewalls can lead to data theft, modification or destruction by introduction of malicious files. Dedicated servers provide a high degree of certainty about potential risks and the level of security.


Basically, dedicated servers are cheaper than cloud hosting. Cloud hosting uses common applications like WordPress that have to be adopted communally. Most of them require users to adopt a specific hosting control panel. All these technical requirements form an expensive package. Fixing storage issues is also cheaper with dedicated servers.


-Provides full control
-Abundant disk space to start with
-Cheap disk space and SQL storage
-High Performance
-More reliable
-High security


-Cannot be scaled up depending on user requirements
-Needs configuration and management
-Limited physical disk space


Dedicated servers allow for flexible business operations and can be easily be inspected for any performance problems. However, cloud hosting outshines dedicated servers when it comes to scalability. A properly managed dedicated server provides greater performance and reliability at low costs than cloud hosting.