5 Main Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Websites

WordPress is a web software used for creating a beautiful website, a blog or an application. It was developed to enhance the typography of everyday writing. It started as a blogging tool but has developed into a content management tool. It is completely customized and can be used for almost everything. It has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool used on million sites. It is free and very instrumental. WordPress is an Open Source project which is built by many volunteers. This provides the user with a wide range of plugins and themes to transform their websites according to their imagination. It helps in overcoming financial and technical limitations. The following are detailed reasons on why you should choose WordPress for your website.

5 reasons to choose wordpress

User and SEO Friendly

Creating a WordPress website is an easy setup process. This is done with the help of a few tutorials. The platform is easy to understand and all functions are easy to use. One does not need to invest in a team of professionals to build a website for them. It is also easy to update to the new versions of the platform. These features make it user friendly. It also allows the user to install quality SEO plugins to improve SEO friendliness of their website. This makes it easier for people to find their website online. These plugins also allow the web visitors to edit robots.txt and XML sitemaps which come in handy when ones website is indexed by the search engine.


The user is able to create themes of their own choice and modify the existing ones easily. It also allows the user to add more functions to their WordPress website by installing various plugins. The user is able to choose the best ones to enable people to share the content on social networks. It also allows the user to add security features to their websites.

Communal Support

Being an open source project, there are many people who are constantly working to improve it. This has been translated to frequent updates for quality web service. The supporting community also provides forums on the website to solve user’s problems. It is growing with great support and guarantees reliability in the future.

Its Free

The CMS platform is free to use. This is one of the main reasons why users have choose to use WordPress. However, there is an optional option for priced themes and plugins. These vary among users. Otherwise, all standard resources are provided for free.


The CMS platform is compatible with latest technologies. It allows one to develop a website that is mobile friendly. WordPress has been optimized for mobile devices to take care of people visiting websites using smartphones and tablets. This guarantees more mobile traffic without taking any further measures to improve the website.

WordPress is the most preferred option for people planning to run a website. It provides tutorials and communal support to make sure that the user does not get stuck when running a WordPress based Website. This free platform is easy to use and guarantees a large mobile traffic. It has enabled many people realize their dreams through customization. This platform is getting better every day in all aspects.